General applied marine ecology research that provides managers with the science and tools to manage coastal resources

Current Projects

  1. An assessment of the value and function of inlet and shoal complexes for coastal fisheries in the South Atlantic, and the impacts of coastal development (e.g., dredging) on these Essential Fish Habitats
  2. Lionfish sound production characteristics, morphology, and behavior
  3. Passive acoustic techniques for monitoring lionfish abundance
  4. Sea urchin recovery dynamics and feeding ecology
  5. Large-scale lionfish control techniques: A) lionfish aggregating devices and B) lionfish-specific trap technologies
  6. Effects of Red tide on the development and survival of embryonic and larval fish
  7. Lionfish feeding ecology
  8. Socio-ecological modeling of lionfish in Belize
  9. Lionfish control and management decision-support tool
  10. Ecosystem-based management of lionfish on the West Florida Shelf
  11. An assessment of ciguatoxin concentrations in lionfish throughout the Western Atlantic